Tilly and Mabel and the Lost Boot

Firstly, my apologies to the person who has lost a brown suede boot at Poles Coppice nature reserve on the outskirts of Minsterley. Unfortunately Tilly and Mabel have found it…

Tilly and Mabel

Mabel has declared it is her boot, and if Tilly wants a boot she can go and find her own boot!

Tilly and Mabel

She has taken quite a shine to the boot…more so actually than the pile of toys we have spent a fortune on at home!

Tilly and Mabel

I am reliably informed that it is a size 5 boot with no name tag visible…

Tilly and Mabel

Although Mabel was desperate to bring the boot home, and I’m sure the boot has given you many hours of pleasure, I didn’t want the dirty smelly thing in my car…


So the boot is still at Poles Coppice…and Mabel is bootless and bereft.

Tilly and Mabel


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