Once upon a time there were three spaniels. Two spaniels were kind of heart and shared willingly with all. Whereas one spaniel had the grievous sin of coveting.
Now it came to pass that one day in August they partook of a walk around Merrington Green. Much fun was had, and along the path a tennis ball was discovered in the long grass. The coveting spaniel, as was her want, claimed it as her own. The generous spaniels accepted this and went along their way. All was well.
It also came to pass that, further along the path there layeth another tennis ball abandoned and alone. The coveting spaniel decided that, as was her want, this also was her tennis ball, and she showeth great determination in endeavoring to get it into her mouth along with the first. All was not well…her mouth was not big enough.
The generous spaniels saw her endeavors, and, as they were kind of heart came to her rescue, with the older of the two kindly picking up the second ball and carrying it for her. This vexed the coveting spaniel exceedingly, upon which she dropped the first tennis ball and proceeded to chase Tilly around a tree.
And there came a small brown spaniel. She saw the first ball abandoned along the path. As she was somewhat kind of nature, but not very, she grabbed the first abandoned ball and shot off like a rat up a drainpipe.
The coveting spaniel, now ball-less, vexed exceedingly sore, and complained loudly in a very annoying high pitched tone.
And the moral of this sad tale…a ball in the mouth is worth two in the grass!



Keep Calm Tilly…

I have a nasty sneaky feeling that Tilly has been watching too much television lately. I know for a fact that she sat up all night with Richard watching the referendum results come in. Then she was glued to the BBC as Cameron resigned. So, there is going to be another referendum. Oh no, there isn’t. Anyway, Boris is going to take over. No, wait a minute, it is going to be Gove. Hang on…he’s gone! So it is now between May and Leadsom. Wait a second…Leadsom has pulled out. Who’s left? Oh yes, Theresa May. Quick…make her Prime Minister! But what about Corbyn? Perhaps he should take over? No, surely Eagle would be better. Hang on, who’s Owen Smith, maybe he will do? Oh look, Boris is now Foreign Secretary…whatever next!

I really think we need to keep Tilly away from the television!

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Beautiful Mabel…

Mabel is very cute!

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She has big expressive eyes and and a lovely fluffy coat.

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I like nothing better than to have her cuddled up beside me on the settee of an evening!

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Tilly and Mabel have been with us for four years now and we love them to bits. But I really did not want them. Doesn’t that sound awful. But if things had gone according to plan we would still have have had three dogs called Annie, Jess and Rosie. Rosie is the vertically challenged one in the middle, beautiful black Jess is on the left and little brown Annie is on the right.
Annie and Jess
Annie and Jess joined us at 10 weeks old…advertised in our local shop as labrador/spaniel cross’s, the last two pups from a litter of ten that nobody wanted. We went along to bring home one of them and somehow came home with two. Best buy one get one free I have ever had! For ten years Annie and Jess slept together, played together and fetched sticks together.
Annie and Jess

In April 2011 Jess stopped eating. We took her to the vet who took scans and gave us the worst news possible. She had cancer in her throat which had spread to her internal organs. Two weeks later on Good Friday, a beautiful sunny spring day, Jessica was put to sleep on our lawn in the sunshine. We buried her in the garden.

From that day on I wanted her back. We had to find another black Labrador Spaniel cross and bring her home. I would travel as far as it took. But another Jess could not be found. My friend told me about a litter of Sprockers that would be available shortly and we went to look. I didn’t like them…they weren’t Jess. However Richard my husband fell in love with them and, desperate to fill the hole in my heart, three weeks later we collected Tilly and Mabel. And so their adventures began.

Annie is now 14 years old, still going strong and enjoying life. In a perfect world Jess would still be on the other end of her stick.

I wrote ‘Waiting at the Door’ for my beautiful black Jess x

Annie and Jess