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Keep Calm Tilly…

I have a nasty sneaky feeling that Tilly has been watching too much television lately. I know for a fact that she sat up all night with Richard watching the referendum results come in. Then she was glued to the BBC as Cameron resigned. So, there is going to be another referendum. Oh no, there isn’t. Anyway, Boris is going to take over. No, wait a minute, it is going to be Gove. Hang on…he’s gone! So it is now between May and Leadsom. Wait a second…Leadsom has pulled out. Who’s left? Oh yes, Theresa May. Quick…make her Prime Minister! But what about Corbyn? Perhaps he should take over? No, surely Eagle would be better. Hang on, who’s Owen Smith, maybe he will do? Oh look, Boris is now Foreign Secretary…whatever next!

I really think we need to keep Tilly away from the television!

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