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Tilly and Mabel and the Exploding Cushion

It is a universally known fact that if you leave two spaniels alone in a house with access to a feather cushion you will still be finding feathers in strange places the following Christmas!

Tilly and Mabel


Tilly and Mabel and the Sad Tale of the Plant Pot

Like most things it started as a bit of fun. I don’t know who actually found the plant pot full of seedlings in the garden but I would guess that Tilly dragged it into the conservatory. Once inside I should image that the pot became the newest ‘must have toy for young sprockers’. Or perhaps they were trying to be helpful and had decided that the seedlings needed repotting…or as the case may be ‘un-potting!’

Tilly and Mabel were about 10 weeks old at the time. And this is where it all started. When there is trouble in the air Tilly hides behind Mabel, and Mabel gives me the big “sorry, we didn’t mean it” eyes. And, as has been the case many times since, the pair of little scoundrels get away with murder!

Tilly and Mabel